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3 Improvements That You May Want To Consider To Prevent Deck Failure

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Improvements That You May Want To Consider To Prevent Deck Failure

If you have an older home with a deck, renovations may be something that you want to do. Some of these improvements may be aesthetic and others may be needed to prevent structural failure. To prevent your deck from falling, it is important to have correct spans of lumber, support posts, and fastening systems. If you want to make sure your deck is not at risk of failure after renovations, here are some of the improvements you may want to consider to support the structure: 1. Inspecting And Checking Spans That Made Need Added Support The first step in improving the structure of your deck is having it inspected. A home inspector can check the spans of joists and beams to recommend improvements. If you have spans that are too long, there are engineered beams that can support the joists to reduce overall spans. If you use a laminated beam, you may want to have a cap of metal flashing installed on the top to protect it from water. In addition, you can have it wrapped with metal fascia to ensure it is completely protected from the elements. 2. Adding Posts For Sections Of Deck That Need To Have More Support Posts are another feature that you may need to add to your deck to support spans. This can be posts under beams that you have added. You may also want to have posts installed on existing beams to add support. In addition to the posts under the spans, posts can also be installed where the deck is attached to your home, which will give the deck additional support and prevent it from falling. You may also want to replace posts that are undersized with larger materials to support the deck structure. 3. Attaching Your Deck To Your Home With The Appropriate Fastening Systems One of the most important improvements older decks need is a fastening system that holds the deck to the structure. Today, nails are not enough, and your deck needs to have some type of bolts attaching it. The best choice is using carriage bolts that go through the wall and are fastened with nuts on both sides. Alternatively, anchor bolts can be used when you have masonry or cannot access the interior to tighten carriage bolts. No matter what you choose, it is important that the bolts are attached to solid wood to ensure the fastening systems work properly. Deck failure can be a serious problem with older decks, which is why you may want to have your deck inspected when you do these repairs and renovations. If you need to add support to your deck and attach it to your home, contact a fastener supplier to get the bolts you need to make sure your deck stays in its...

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3 Tips To Lower Your Air Compressor Operating Expenses

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Tips To Lower Your Air Compressor Operating Expenses

If you or your employees use an air compressor throughout the work day, you might be concerned about the cost of operating this equipment. Luckily, there are ways that you can cut costs. Below are a few ways to reduce your air compressor operating expenses so that you and your employees can use this critical piece of equipment without having to spend too much money. 1. Use a Smaller Air Compressor First and foremost, if you are in the market for an air compressor for your business, don’t automatically buy the biggest one. Some people think that bigger is better, but often, bigger just means more expensive. Not only will a larger unit often be more expensive itself, but other associated costs can be more expensive, too. You have to worry about bigger and more expensive parts, more energy use and other associated costs. This means that you should carefully think about what your air compressor will be used for so that you can choose one that is large enough for your needs without being too large. 2. Focus on Maintenance Focusing on proper maintenance for your air compressor can greatly reduce your operating expenses. This is true for a couple of reasons — first of all, a well-maintained air compressor will often use less energy. For instance, if you keep clean filters in your air compressor, it will operate more efficiently and therefore use less energy. Secondly, you will be able to prevent a lot of repair issues, which means that you can save money on parts and labor. Check the manual for your specific air compressor unit, and make sure that you follow the recommended maintenance schedule. For example, make sure that you and your employees empty the water out of the tank on a daily basis and that you check the fasteners and filters often. 3. Regulate Pressure Your air compressor should not be used at higher pressure levels than necessary. Not only does this result in higher energy costs, but it can also be damaging to whatever you are adding air to. Make sure that both you and your employees adjust the pressure levels as necessary, and consider adding pressure regulators to make it easier for you to do so. It’s important to think about the operating costs of your air compressor. Luckily, if you follow these three tips, you can avoid spending more than necessary when running your unit. For more information on air compressors, contact a professional from Kruman Equipment Company or another similar...

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Industry 4.0: How Your Metal Fabrication Business Can Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Industry 4.0: How Your Metal Fabrication Business Can Stay Ahead Of The Competition

One of the roles you have as a metal fabrication business owner is maintaining an up-to-date shop so you can avoid falling behind your competitors. In today’s world of industry, automation is becoming more popular, also finding its way into metal fabrication processes. If you have larger companies as clients and your orders from them determine your final profits, you might consider whether those clients are implementing new automation technology. If they are using the latest in automation software, you should consider upgrading so you can keep up with future orders. Learn more about the Industrial Internet of Things (IioT), also referred to as Industry 4.0. Defining IioT And Its Global Impact Many small business owners are still confused about IioT and how it can impact their business. One way to better understand what IioT is and how it will, without a doubt, affect your metal fabrication business is by taking a look at how the internet changed the world when it was first introduced. Consumers went from shopping at brick and mortar stores to online retailers because it was easier and provided greater choices of products from around the globe. Society has successfully made the change to living in a world basically controlled by the internet. Now, the internet is being used globally in large industries like those for metal products, from those manufacturing vehicles to those making steel parts for structures like buildings and bridges.The same impact the internet had on consumers in how they shopped is the same type of global impact it will have on the manufacturing processes in the metal industry. Don’t Run The Risk Of Moving Too Slowly Using IioT technology in your metal fabrication shop is one way you can stay ahead of your competition and maintain production speeds that will enable you to fulfill larger orders from companies already using IioT technology and automation. For example, upgrading your welding power sources would mean incorporating computer capabilities for gathering data and using remote access to web servers that fulfill automated tasks for external parts of a machine like robotic welding arms, allowing your welding tasks to get done faster and with fewer defects. While these kinds of upgrades can seem overwhelming and confusing at first, you should know you can hire IT professionals with specializations in metal fabrication IioT software to make upgrades in your production processes. Easy-To-Use Interfaces For Your Employees If you worry about how upgrading your shop to an Industry 4.0 level will impact your employees, you should know that computer interfaces were design with limited computer users in mind. For example, even the employee that only uses their home computer to play internet games can easily operate a robotic welding arm using the interface provided for it. You will not have to spend a lot of time and money providing several special training courses for being able to use these interfaces for reaching higher levels of metal part production. Taking your metal fab shop to higher levels means you introducing IioT capabilities. By dong so, you can rest assured you are on the front line with your competitors, heading into the future of metal fabrication. To learn more, contact a metal fabrication company like Moorhead Machinery & Boiler...

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Three Signs Your Gas Meter Isn’t Functioning Properly And How Metering Pipeline Repair Can Help

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Three Signs Your Gas Meter Isn’t Functioning Properly And How Metering Pipeline Repair Can Help

Many homes, industrial plants and manufacturing plants have gas meters. These meters measure the amount of natural gas used by the customer or location. While they are often quite accurate, some bizarre anomalies do occur. Here are three signs your meter is not functioning properly and how metering pipeline repair services can help. You Receive the Most Astronomically Impossible Gas Bill There have been tales of customers receiving absolutely impossible and improbable gas bills. One woman in Georgia was even charged $8,000 for one month’s worth of gas! At least in her case, it was a clerical error and the company had misprinted the amount of gas used and the price charged. However, other humongous bills have been the result of a meter reading incorrectly. When the gas company sends its meter readers out to gather customer data from their meters, these faulty meters end up reading something they should not. If your bill makes your eyes pop out of your head in surprise, you may want to contact your gas provider first, and then contact a pipeline technician to check your meter. The Meter’s Readout Does Not Move for Hours or Days If you can actually see and read the meter or gauge on your gas pipeline, watch it for a few minutes. There should be a change in the numbers as the dial rotates the numbers up or the digital readout switches numbers. If there is absolutely no change in the readout for minutes, hours or days, there is definitely something wrong with your metering pipeline. When you can also verify that the gas is doing what it is supposed to be doing in your residential or commercial property, then something outside of the building is definitely wrong. (Hopefully, you will call the gas company after the meter does not seem to move for several minutes, and not noticing that it was not moving for several hours is just an oversight, e.g., you were on vacation or the plant shut down for a holiday.) There Is a Constant and Slight Hissing Sound or a Foul Smell Sometimes the actual meter will continue to appear functional, but there is something else wrong. If you hear a constant but slight hissing sound or smell something foul and akin to rotten eggs, the pipeline connected to the meter may have a leak. Because the meter attached to these pipelines typically only measures gas consumption and not pressure, you may be paying for all of the escaped gas on top of the gas you are using. The minute you smell or hear either of these symptoms, call a metering pipeline technician. He or she can repair and replace leaking pipes, disconnected pipes, meters that do not read at all, and meters that read...

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Why It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Residential Water Treatment System

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Residential Water Treatment System

Whether you have a well with a submersible pump, filtration unit, rain collector, greywater or gardening system, taking advantage of new water treatment technology may help you more than you realize. Your residential water treatment options should always be reliable, safe, and dependable, regardless of what you’re doing with old water or how you’re getting a fresh supply to your home. Current filtration and pump technology can allow you to store, collect, distribute, and use water with less energy, higher efficiency, and optimal safety, so you can operate a reliable residential system for just pennies a day. So even though you may be satisfied with your current system, you should still consider why it may be time to upgrade your residential water treatment options. Performance Improvements Simple changes made to components during manufacturing help to elevate the longevity of newer submersible pumps. Sand and gradient intake is minimized through optimization of the bearings and filtration units, so there is less impact on your motor with routine usage. Changes like zirconium-plating in bearings allows your water treatment systems to withstand a lower pH, which is often found in rainwater, giving your system a better chance of standing up to acidic conditions over time. And octagonal bearings can help your system avoid the degrading conditions prevalent when sand enters your system. And though stainless steel water treatment options are widely used by many popular manufacturers, optional differences in gauge offers a better way of selecting a unit that meets the challenges of your groundwater source. So if you plan on investing in a new system for water processing or treatment, the chances are you’ll also be investing in a system that will last longer with everyday usage, too. Greater Efficiency If you want to save as much as 60% on energy costs, buy a new submersible pump that’s considered energy efficient. With efficient features like variable frequency drives, smart monitoring, or automatic cut-offs, you can create a water treatment system that can either handle the needs of your entire family or larger-scale agricultural needs. Highly efficient systems can be a great asset if you live in a remote location and rely on wind or solar technology to serve your energy needs. Though efficiency can mean saving you energy with everyday use, it can also mean that you have a more regular distribution or availability of water for your household requirements. Efficient pumps deliver water with greater consistency in pressure and availability, so you’ll always have water when you need it. Visit a site like for more information....

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3 Reasons To Keep Your Mobile Home’s Skirting In Good Shape

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Skirting installed around your mobile home is one of the most important things every mobile home owner should strive to keep in solid shape. Yes, a primary reason why many install the skirting in the first place is because it can improve the overall look of the home. But there are other key benefits you can gain from properly installed skirting. Here are three reasons why you may want to head to a mobile home supplies store for some new skirting. Keep Unwanted Guests Out Typically, a mobile home is propped up and kept level by being placed on top of some blocks or wood. But this can also create a gap under the home that helps provide an opening for small animals. Mobile home skirting won’t just cover the ugly blocks under your trailer; it can also help you keep unwelcome visitors from getting into  your home. Energy Efficiency Mobile home skirting costs extra money to install, of course, but it could end up saving you money in the long run. The skirting can add another layer of insulation that can keep the air outside from getting into your home and the air inside your home from getting out. This could help lower your heating and cooling bills, make your home more energy efficient all year long. As far as what kind of material to use, check with your mobile home park manager first to make sure any skirting you purchase meshes with local regulations. Prevent Water Damage In addition to keeping rodents outside and heated or cooled air inside, mobile home skirting can also help save you from a costly repair bill in the winter time or during a flood. The barrier will help keep snow and water from accumulating underneath the home. The bottom of your home often has things like air conditioning vents, wires and ducts. These things can rust over time when exposed to water or other wet circumstances. Keep your home dry both inside and out with a little help from some new mobile home skirting. Mobile home skirting is a great way to cover up some cinder blocks or another eyesore underneath your home. But it can also help you keep unwanted animals outside, save you money on your energy bills and also help prevent water damage underneath your home. If your mobile home’s skirting is getting old or you’ve never actually installed any, head to a mobile home supplies...

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Top Reasons To Choose Brass For Jewelry Making

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Top Reasons To Choose Brass For Jewelry Making

Do you make jewelry as a hobby or have plans to start your own jewelry making business? If so, you may not have the capital available to invest in precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. The pricing of these metals may prevent you from being able to buy them, or you may find yourself having to purchase them in limited quantities. If the cost of precious metal is interfering with you creating jewelry items, you could benefit from considering another type of metal. Brass is an example of a metal that can be used to create spectacular looking jewelry pieces. Perhaps you could opt for brass jewelry creations now, and you could invest in precious metals when you have enough capital accumulated. The following points will help you better understand the benefits of choosing brass as a metal for your jewelry creations.  Gold Appearance    Choosing to invest in yellow brass will allow you to create jewelry pieces that simulate the appearance of gold. You may choose to apply a finish to your brass jewelry creations to give them more of a golden shine. Using brass instead of synthetic or plated metals ensures that the gold-colored jewelry you make will not permanently change to an undesirable color, which could transfer onto skin. For example, gold-plated jewelry may change the color of skin.  Easy to Clean Some metals are prone to tarnishing. If you are creating jewelry pieces to sell to others, you may have concerns about tarnishing. Brass can be easily cleaned with soap and water. This metal can also be cleaned with a lemon juice and salt mixture. Applying tomato-based ketchup to brass for an hour or more followed by a thorough rinse can also work as a cleaner.  Ensure that you include cleaning instructions with brass jewelry items you sell to others. They will likely appreciate not having to invest in expensive jewelry cleaners.  Ease of Use Depending on your skill with jewelry making, you may find it challenging to work with metal. Brass is a metal that can be considered easy to use. This is because it is flexible, and it can withstand high temperatures. If you would like to create pieces of jewelry that look like vintage pieces, you will appreciate the option of being able to add patina to your brass creations. A fabrication company is a good resource to use for more guidance on choosing affordable metals for your jewelry creations. They can also assist with mass producing items, which could help speed up the process of making items and growing your business.  Click here for more information about fabrication companies or do an online...

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What Are The Benefits Of Ordering Aspheric Lenses With A Protective Coating?

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When you order aspheric lenses for your doctor’s office, research and development firm or other business, you might just order them as they come. You might rely on the company that makes your lenses to send you sturdy, durable lenses that you can count on, but this is unfortunately not always the case. In some cases, you may need aspheric lenses that have a protective coating. These are a few benefits that you can enjoy if you purchase aspheric lenses that have a protective coating. Enjoy Anti-Reflective Properties Due to their very nature, aspheric lenses can cause reflections and glares. This can cause problems and make it hard for you to see when you are working. Believe it or not, however, good aspheric lens coatings are great for preventing reflections and glares. Prevent Your Aspheric Lenses from Getting Scratched Another great thing about aspheric lens coatings is that they can prevent your aspheric lenses from getting scratched. Scratches can make it difficult for you to see through your aspheric lenses and can cause your lenses to break more quickly. Handling your aspheric lenses carefully is your first step to preventing scratches, and it is important to only grab your aspheric lenses from the sides rather than touching more of their surface than you have to. However, even if you are extremely careful, there is still the chance that your lenses could be scratched. Luckily, if you purchase lenses that have a protective coating, there will be less of a chance of scratches. This can help you keep your aspheric lenses looking great for a long time to come. Ensure That They are Stronger and More Durable Along with preventing scratches, a good coating can make your aspheric lenses stronger and more durable in other ways. They make them less likely to break if they are dropped or used in rough conditions, for example. The good news, however, is that aspheric lens coatings usually aren’t very thick. This means that even though they provide added durability, they generally don’t make the lenses too much thicker than usual. This means that you shouldn’t have any problem using them for your normal applications. However, to be sure, you should still check the thickness of the coated lenses that you purchase to ensure that you can still use them for your needs. As you can see, it is helpful to purchase aspheric lenses that have protective coatings. Even though you will have to spend more to purchase lenses with a coating, you’ll surely find it worthwhile to do so when you can enjoy these perks and more. Contact a service like R. Mathews Optical Works, Inc. to learn...

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3 Storage Tips For Aluminum That Will Be Welded

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If you will be welding aluminum sheets or are hiring a professional fabricator, like those at Simko Industrial Fabricators, to do it for you, you should make sure that the aluminum is ready to be used for this purpose. Storing it correctly will help prevent any potential problems on welding day, so try these storage tips for best results. 1. Ensure It Is Kept Dry First of all, you should make sure that your aluminum is kept nice and dry. Keep it out of the elements completely if you can by storing aluminum sheet metal indoors. You should also ensure that the temperature is reasonably controlled to ensure that condensation and humidity do not create a problem. Then, wipe down your aluminum sheets thoroughly prior to welding to get rid of any moisture that might have appeared during storage. 2. Store Aluminum Sheets Vertically It might seem as if the best storage method for your metal sheets is to stack them on top of each other, but it’s actually a better option to store them vertically. This helps minimize how wet and dirty each sheet gets. You can use a special rack to store your aluminum sheets vertically, or you can simply stack them in this manner on top of a few pallets to keep them off of the floor. 3. Bring to Room Temperature In the day or so before you have your aluminum welded, it’s smart to bring your aluminum sheets to room temperature. This helps minimize condensation, makes sheets safer to handle (since hot aluminum sheets can become dangerously hot and can cause burns and discomfort) and ensures that they will be as pliable as possible and ready for welding when it is time to do the job. Even though aluminum is hardy, storing it properly will help prevent problems during and after your welding job. Whether you are going to be the one who welds the aluminum, or if you will be hiring a professional to take care of it, it’s important to ensure that it’s in great shape. Otherwise, you could have to worry about slipping due to condensation, dangerous burns due to handling hot metal or the dirt and debris that can come from storing aluminum sheets all in a stack and allowing them to get wet and dirty. Luckily, following these three tips will help keep your aluminum in welding-ready condition, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when it’s time to get the welding...

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Abrasive Blasting Services 101 | A First Time Customer’s Guide

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Abrasive Blasting Services 101 | A First Time Customer’s Guide

If you are constantly tackling a new DIY project at home, whether it is automotive or home related, there is a good chance that you have had some experience with trying to remove paint and finishes from a piece of material. You could easily spend more time on this step in the process with most projects than you do anything else. What you may not know is that there are actually companies that specialize in helping people just like you who want to remove finishes in a hurry and get on with their project. Abrasive blasting services involve using a variety of materials to blast away coatings and debris that are no longer wanted on an array of different materials.   What all can you take to an abrasive blasting service?  People use abrasive blasting services for a range of different types of materials. If you have a piece of furniture that is otherwise hard to sand, such as a chair or intricate wooden stool, this would be a good choice. Automobile parts, both body parts and mechanical components, can be blasted with different materials.  What types of materials are used during the removal process? These companies use an array of materials and techniques to remove unwanted finishes. The technique used will rely on what it is that you bring in and how much finish needs to be removed. While all companies offer their own set of services and materials, some of the most common materials used include glass beads, sand, metal bearings, and even glass fragments.  What if you have something wooden or delicate that you do not want damaged? Even if you have a piece that could not stand up to the more abrasive blasting techniques, such as a piece of antique furniture or a thin metal sheet, you can still get help removing an unwanted finish. Many of these companies offer what is commonly referred to as “friendly” blasting, which involves using abrasives like crushed corn cob pieces or walnuts, which is much less intrusive and rough. Your piece will be placed in a tumbler that rotates or shakes the loose material over the piece gently, but at a high rate of speed, which will safely remove a lot of the finish.  The next time you are attempting to peel paint off of old cabinet doors or sand down a fender for your project car, make sure you take some time to consider the fact that abrasive blasting services could make the whole process a lot easier on you. If you have any additional questions about a specific task, talk to a service professional (such as one from Steel Coatings Inc) Steel Coatings Inc)for more...

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